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SOG Knives

Posted by admin on Sep 15th 2010

SOG Knives come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  One basic thing about an SOG knife that you can always count on is the craftmanship, workmanship, and usability of the knife. 
One of my favorite lines of SOG Knives is the SOG-TAC automatic series.  This line has been in production for well over a year now and has a couple of things that I think are really great.  First, the knives are extremely thin.  They are some of the thinnest auto knives you will find on the market.  Second, the action is incredibly quick.  You can get the SOG-Tac autos in two sizes and several different variations including black or stainless steel blades, tanto point or drop point, and part serrated or plain edge.  This year, SOG even introduced the new 05 and 06 which are a bit larger and have a modified drop point style blade. 
SOG is also well known for their fixed blade knives which function well as combat knives (for which purpose the majority of them were originally designed) or as survival knives.  One of their newest fixed blade knives is the Creed knife.  You can find an earlier post about the Creed combat knife here.  The Seal Pup series by SOG is also incredibly popular. 
Regardless of which style of SOG knife you choose, whether it is an an automatic knife, a fixed blade knife, a folding knife, or even a survival knife, if it is an SOG–it is going to be good.

NOTE:  Pictured is the SOG GovTac fixed blade knife.