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SOG-TAC Automatic Knives

Posted by admin on Oct 22nd 2008

SOG recently, a few months back, came out with a new series of knives. Just a couple of weeks ago they came out with the mini version of the same automatic knives. These auto knives are extremely good tactical, all purpose knives. They come in a few different variations. SOG has made the 01,02, 03, and 04 as well as the 10, 12, 13. These knives are sharp, have strong action out of the knife, and they are thin. This is one of my favorite things about the knives, they are long, but their very thin profile make them easy to carry. Once open, each of the auto knives lock up tight. They are made from quality materials, the handles are made from machined 6061T6 hard-anodized aluminum and are inset with G10 type textured inlays. The blades are beautiful. This is a series that I would like to own the enire set. SOG has hit a home run with these knives.