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Some Knives Are Better Than Others

Some Knives Are Better Than Others

Posted by admin on Apr 16th 2012

Back in 1985, the Smiths released a great song titled, Some Girls are Bigger Than Others.  I like that song.  Sometimes I switch out the lyrics.  Today, I inserted knives.  Some knives are better than others. 

We get a lot of phone calls.  Some of them start with this question or some variation of the same, “What is the best knife out there?”  Stop and think about that question for just a moment.  There are a lot of knives in the world. And someone is calling in and sincerely asking “What is the best knife?”   There are so many different avenues you can take when giving an answer to that question. 

The first thing we do when faced with this question is try and narrow the question down just a bit.  “Are you looking for a fixed blade, an automatic, a manual folder, a butterfly knife or a spring assisted knife?”  This makes all the difference.  Then we try and get a feel for size?  Are you looking for a big knife.  The kind of knife that even Crocodile Dundee would respect.  Or are you looking for a smallish knife that can fit nicely in your pocket as you walk about town.  And then the biggest question of all.  How much would you like to spend?  There are very good knives available for not a whole lot of money.  And there are some amazingly fantastic knives that you can spend as much on as you would spend on a decent used car.  And there is everything in between. 

And then everyone has their favorite brands.  One of my favorite brands out there is ProTech Knife Company. If there is a ProTech made, I can just about guarantee I like it.  I like a whole lot of other knives also.   One of the other guys here is a Spyderco fanatic.  And who doesn’t drool over just about any Benchmade or Microtech on the market.  I have a Gerber Auto knife that I especially like.  It is big and beefy and gets any big cutting job done. 

ProTech Tactical Response 1.31As a hobby, I build things out of wood.  I’m not really that good at woodworking, but I enjoy doing it immensely.  It helps take the edge off of a rough week.  It also feels good creating something that could last for a long time.  My two greatest wood creations are a King sized sleigh bed out of cherry and maple and a pair of Craftsman style armchairs out of white oak.  I still have the chairs in my house.  We use them every day–and I still like them.  The bed is a different story.  I hadn’t ever built such a big project when I built the bed.  When I was doing the final assembly, the headboard slipped and fell.  Sadly one of the cherry panels cracked.  I was so bummed about it I didn’t go out in the wood shop for a couple of weeks.  Then, because I was sick to death of the project, I glued it up as best I could and put it to use.  The bed actually looked really good.  But I am such a perfectionist that I couldn’t sleep in it.  I knew it had a crack in the panel, even if no one else could see it.  I used it for about a week.  But every night I would lay in bed obsessing over the stupid crack.  So I gave it to my neighbor.  Anyway, long story to get to the point about ProTech.  I am amazed at the job they do over at ProTech with their wood inlays.  That is what got me started with ProTech.  Their workmanship.  Now, I just have become a bit of a ProTech nut.  Wood or no wood, I like ProTech knives.  Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of other knives also.  I just like every ProTech I have ever had. They work, they look good, and they are durable.  The other day, we got a couple of desert sand colored ProTech Tactical Response 1 knives with black tactical finished tanto blades.  I liked the color enough that I grabbed one for myself.  I have been carrying it a couple days a week since then.  Once again, I am reminded, some knives are better than others.  ProTech does such a bang up job on the workmanship that it is almost unbelievable.  The knives work like a charm.  This knife I am carrying is perfect for me and my needs.  It is big enough that I can cut just about anything.  And yet it fits in my pocket without feeling bulky.  And so for me, it is a great knife.  For you, another knife might be the best knife in the world.  So if you happen to call in to BladeOps to ask, “Which knife is the best knife out there?” Please realize, that we are telling you what we think might be best for you and your situation–but even that advice may be colored just a bit by what knives we think are great.   Let me know which knife you think is better than any other in the comments below–I would love to hear what knife you like and why.