Boker Hyper, Chad Los Banos Design Manual, Black Handle, Black Blade, Plain

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This Chad Los Banos designed manual folder knife is most excellent. It is 6.5" open, has a G-10 front handle and steel back handle. The knife is very thin which makes it ride comfortable in your pocket. The blade is made of 440C Stainless steel and I absolutely love the blade shape. The blade is titanium coated and has thumb studs on both sides (makes it nice for our left handed customers). The handle also has Grip-Zones--notches in the handle which make it comfortable to hold and use. A very nice feature, the blade rides on a tiny ball bearing when you are closing it which makes it glide shut. This inexpensive knife locks up tight and is ready for use.

Blade: 2.7"
Overall: 6.5"
Weight: 3.6 oz.

Chad Los Banos has made a great manual folder knife. This knife is very thin. Makes for a nice carry. It also has G-10 handles which means it is light. Carrying this knife is almost like you don't have anything at all in your pocket. The blade, as you would expect from a Boker, is nice and sharp and stays that way. My favorite thing about this knife is how smooth it opens and closes. It almost seems to glide on the ball bearing. Extremely nice knife at an incredible price.