Boker Magnum (017), Large, Drop Point Black Part Serrated Blade

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Drop point partially serrated 420 stainless blade with a black Teflon-coated finish. Opens with the push of a button in the handle. Light-weight aluminum black handle with removable belt/pocket clip. Opened length is 8". Blade length is 3.25". Has an inset trigger button (inset acts as safety) that is stainless steel. Auto conversion. Open: 8" Blade: 3.25"

This all time classic auto knife created by Boker is fantastic for several reasons. First, it opens fast. Second, it takes a beating and just keeps on working. Third, it has a great feel in your hand. Boker has created a fantastic line of button lock knives. These are then converted to automatic knives in the aftermarket. This does void the warranty that Boker puts on their knives, but it is well worth it. This drop point serrated auto conversion is extremely inexpensive for what you get. The knife is designed very simply. This makes the Boker 017 easy to clean and keep in good working order. The handle, made of light-weight aluminum, is extremely durable. It comes with a removable belt (or pocket) clip. The handle, at 4.75", is a nice size handle for most hands. This knife, because of its size and simple design, makes it a leading contender for one of the best low priced automatic knives in our store. You can also get this knife in a smaller version, it is the Boker