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Boker Magnum Dark Blue Yoshida Katana

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The Boker Magnum Yoshida Katanai is a tribute to the glorious warriors of feudal Japan. This blade embodies the characteristics of the time-honoured Samurai: purity, diligence, and humility. This short sword features many loving details designed to bring the spirit of the Samurai closer. The blade is made of non-stainless carbon steel and has a traditional bo-hi (hollow groove). This blade is paired with a wooden handle with a lovingly decorated tsuba (stabbing blade), menuki (decorative elements below the handle wrap), and a dark blue tsuka-ito (handle strap). In line with these stunning traditional details, the black lacquered wooden saya (sword sheath) boasts stunning gold-colored ornaments and has a typical sageo cord to attach it to the belt. Each of these carefully crafted details come together to create a blade worthy of any Samurai's collection. Decorative or collector's sword, not suitable for use!


  • Blade Length: 28.35"
  • Overall Length: 39.37"
  • Blade Material: Carbon Steel
  • Handle Material: Wood with Blue Tsuka-Ito
  • Weight: 33.44 oz.


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