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Boker Sub Kalashnikov Auto Knife, 1.95" D2 Blade [Exclusive]

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The Boker Sub Kalashnikov is the standard of precision and reliability in the world of automatic knives. It’s crafted with D2, an air-hardened tool steel that was developed to cut through other steels. This American-made steel offers fantastic toughness and edge retention and is perfect for hard-use applications, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

BladeOps is excited to announce the newest exclusive model to the ever-growing arsenal of Boker Kalashnikov auto knives - the Sub Kalashnikov with a high-performance D2 blade that is sub-2". This exclusive model features an aluminum handle with a black finish that provides a rock-solid grip, enhancing user control and safety. The integration of standard bead blasted hardware and a drop point style blade in a bead blast finish ensures extreme durability. The extra-long deep carry pocket clip is statically designed for tip-up carry only on the traditional side of the handle.

The Boker Kalashnikov automatic series is one of the most popular side open automatics on the market today considering the price point. This knife, as well as the rest of the Kalashnikov auto family, is referred to as an auto-conversion knife which means the knife is produced as a folder knife and then converted via a third party to offer the automatic function.

*Please note that the seals on the box will arrive broken due to the knife being converted


  • Blade Length: 1.95"

  • Overall Length: 4.875"

  • Blade Material: D2 Tool Steel

  • Blade Finish: Bead Blast

  • Blade Shape: Drop Point

  • Handle Length: 2.925"

  • Handle Material: Aluminum

  • Weight: 2.4 oz.


  • Compact and Efficient: With a blade length of just under 2 inches, it offers convenience without compromising on functionality.

  • Automatic Function: It's converted to an auto knife for quick and easy deployment with the push button mechanism.

  • Ergonomic Handle: Crafted from lightweight aluminum for a comfortable and secure grip. 


 How do I maintain my Boker Sub Kalashnikov?

Regular cleaning, occasional sharpening, and oiling are recommended steps. The D2 steel blade is tough, but maintaining it will ensure optimal performance for a long time.

Can the coil spring be replaced?

Yes, replacement springs for the knife can be found here. This ensures long-term reliability and function.

Is the Boker Sub Kalashnikov legal to carry?

Knife laws vary by location, so it's important to check your local laws regarding automatic knives before purchasing and carrying them.

How does the automatic function work?

This Boker Kalashnikov knife has a push button mechanism that activates the coil spring and rapidly deploys the blade from the handle for easy accessibility.


  • Knife

    Posted by Charles on Dec 13th 2022


    Very satisfied quality, looks and feel highly recommend

  • Biker sub automatic knife

    Posted by Ray on Nov 23rd 2022


    Just what I was looking for

  • Very nice sub auto knife

    Posted by Owen on Nov 4th 2022


    Very well made, very sharp edge out of the box. Strong spring open fast and lock is firm. Highly recommended for this price range knife.

  • Great Value

    Posted by Sam on Apr 13th 2022


    My first Boker Auto. Only needed a little work to make the action perfect. When the knife arrived the action was very gritty, and almost wouldn’t spring open all the way. I instantly sprayed some REM oil into that pivot, slightly loosened it(still no blade play). Now the knife flys open with force and smooth as butter. Love that D2 edge it’s holding up nicely. I have large hands but still get good purchase on the handle with the deep jimping on the handle and blade.