Butterfly Knife, Low Price, Silver

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Our low price butterfly knife makes for a great practice knife. It has silver aluminum handles which are skeletonized for weight reduction. It also has a very nice stainless steel blade with a high gloss finish. Here is a tip for the new user: Coat your blade edge with electrical tape and you are much less likely to cut yourself as you go through your training routine. After you have your swings down, take the tape off and amaze your friends. This is not a heavy duty butterfly knife and can be broken with heavy use. Blade Length: 3.5" Overall Length: 9"

This butterfly knife is definitely an entry level butterfly. It is lightweight but reasonably durable. The handles cannot be tightened and this works for good or bad. The knife comes at about the perfect tightness. Because you can't adjust the handles, they don't loosen like some top line butterfly knives will. The only problem is if they do get loose because you bang the knife against something, you can't tighten them up either. I would recommend this knife for anyone that wants to learn to use a butterfly knife. Or, for anyone that wants to learn some new tricks but doesn't want to beat the crap out of their "good" knife. A great little knife for learning, training, or just all around fun.