Cold Steel Recon Scout, SK5

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The Cold Steel Recon Scout is by far one of the, if not the, toughest and strongest combat knives in the world. It has a 7.5" Carbon Steel V blade and a 5.5" Kraton Handle. This is a beauty. The newly redesigned Recon Scout, SK5 has a broad clip point that is highly resistant to bending or breaking. It is ideal for long range cutting. It also has a slight concave false edge that measures 3.5 inches long. Weight: 15 oz. Blade: 7 1/2" Thick: 5/16" Overall: 12 1/2" Handle: 5" Long. Kraton® Sheath: Secure-Ex® Sheath Steel: SK-5 High Carbon Black Black Teflon Finish

If you are looking for a serious combat knife or survival knife, the Cold Steel Recon Scout is one you should consider. This knife, newly redesigned and given the label SK5, has a nice broad clip point. The shape of the blade is perfect for slashing. Made by Cold Steel, you know the Recon Scout is going to stand up to nearly any kind of beating you can give it. Have you seen the videos on their home web site? They take their knives through the proverbial ringer. This knife is strong and heavy duty. With a 7.5" blade that is 5/16" thick, you are going to be able to cut through about anything you want. The handle is very comfortable. Surprisingly so. It is a great size to grab onto and motivates you to start swinging the blade. This is a great fixed blade survival knife.