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CRKT Roush Freya Axe, Tennessee Hickory

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The CRKT Freya has a Viking heritage over 1000 years old. This ancient high-seas design is built for the outdoors. Designed by Elmer Roush, the Freya takes its name from Freyja who is the Norse goddess of beauty. Built with a handle carved of Tennessee hickory, the axe is built to cut, chop, and hammer. With clean lines designed for effortless wood splitting, the Freya is ready for it all. 

If you see the Freya™ coming, no need to worry. Unless you’re a sapling in the way.

About the Forged By War® program

In 2013, Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical, designer of elite, military, tactical tomahawks, approached CRKT® with the news that he had been working with a few combat veterans that had returned from war with varying degrees of post-traumatic stress (PTS).

To help work through their challenges, they have been designing and forging steel into custom tools. Drawing from their experience earned in combat situations, they have been creating tools they wished they had available to them in the battlefield.

CRKT® cares deeply about our returning veterans and we saw a way to give back to the community that created them. In 2016, we launched the Forged By War® program.

These are mission ready tools, designed by veterans, with a portion of the proceeds donated to the veterans' charity of choice.

Mission ready tools that are Forged By War®.

Elmer Roush's charity of choice for this tool is the Green Beret Foundation

*Although we know the temptation is great, we do not advise throwing this specific tool for safety and potential void of warranty reasons.



  • Forged Tough: 1055 Carbon steel provides durability and edge retention
  • Enhanced Protection: Black coating improves corrosion resistance
  • Durable: Tennessee hickory is a dense material that withstands hard use
  • Multi-Purpose Utility: Easily split wood or hammer tent stakes


  • Blade: Length: 3.46"
  • Thickness: 1.25"
  • Steel: S55C Carbon Steel, 1055 Carbon Steel
  • Blade Style: Axe w/Hammer
  • Blade Finish: Manganese Phosphate Coating
  • Overall: 19"
  • Weight: 1.93 lbs
  • Front: Axe
  • Back, Hammer
  • Handle Material: Tennessee Hickory



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