CRKT Sakimori Fixed Blade Knife

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The CRKT Sakimori Fixed blade is a specialized tool intended for military and special forces. Sakimori means "Noble Defender". James Williams designed this military knife for fighting in close. In entry and search operations, silence is often critical--the Sakimori comes into play when firearms cannot be used. The handle is classic cord wrapped with ray skin underlays. It can be carried in multiple positions and comes with a custom Kydex sheath. The Sakimori demands respect, and is certainly not a sport or work knife, but it can truly be a lifesaver for the military professional. This is a knife that would have been carried by the Samurai. SPECIFICATIONS: Blade: Length: 5.76" Thickness: 0.24" Steel: 01 Tool Steel, 56-58 HRC Overall: 10.5" Weight: 9.1 oz. Handle Material: Cord Wrapped with Ray Skin underlays