Gerber DF8 Sharpener

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With the DF8 Sharpener you get perfect 30 degree edges quickly and easily every time. There are no special skills needed to sharpen all types of knives and axes. The specially curved diamond coated fingers replicate the swipe across a traditional honing steel. One swipe through the DF8 equals eight swipes across a regular steel. Once you use this sharpener blades almost never need regrinding because the edges never get rounded like they can with other honing and sharpening steels. Small table top, compact design. Features: Diamond coated fingers replicate traditional honing steel Sharpens blades at 30 degree edge every time Compact design This is a fairly good and extremely compact sharpener. It serves more to keep a relatively well sharpened blade in condition. You can sharpen a very dull blade with it, but it will take a lot of work. I rate it a 9 out of 10. It is really nice because you don't have to worry about setting angles or mixing something up. Simple, compact, and light.

The DF8 Sharpener by Gerber is great for field sharpening your knives. It allows you to quickly and accurately sharpen your knives at a 30 degree angle. This is perfect for your knife if it is already sharpened and ground at a 30 degree angle. It will let you put a sharp edge on your blade anytime you need it. Plus, it prevents you from rounding off your blade. Good honing sharpener.