Giant Microtech Marfione Custom Halo V OTF Knife Automatic

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The Giant Microtech Halo V is a A. Marfione custom knife. This is one of only three ever made. The knife is massive and it works just like the regular sized Halo V. This knife is the Out the Front knife for the Microtech Collector that can't get enough. On the Pelican Case that it comes in, there is a metal plate that reads, A. Marfione Halo V 3x 06/2012. The Microtech Marfione Dagger Logo is on both the handle and the charging handle. The handle on this giant knife is anodized aluminum and the hardware is all satin finished. The blade sports a satin finish also. This is the kind of knife that sets apart any collection. Please call for payment instructions. Specifications: Blade: 12 1/2" Overall: 32 1/2" Handle: 181/2" Long 1.33" Thick 3 1/4" Wide at Base