Godfather Stiletto, Black

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This switchblade is a classic Italian design. It is one of the most recognizable automatic knives around. The knife has amazing action and locks back up very tight. It is a big-time blast! This version has a 3.25" stiletto spear tip blade with "Milano" printed on the front side. Blade Length: 3.25" Overall Length: 8.75" Closed Length: 4.875" Weight: 3.17 oz.

Spear tip blade "Milano" printed on front side Locking Mechanism

Godfather Milano Stiletto, Black
One of our most popular switchblades, the Godfather series is all about classic Italian design. This knife has strong action and locks up very tight. It has a sliding lock on the front of the handle, just below the trigger. To close the knife, the upper tang swings on a pivot to the left (if you are holding the knife with the trigger button facing you). As you swing the tang, the blade releases and you can close the blade. This is an extremely fun automatic knife with a 3.25" stiletto spear tip blade. The blade has "Milano" printed on the front side.

The bayonet style blade on this classic knife is built from stainless steel with a mirror finish. The front edge of the blade is sharp, the back edge--including the bayonet part--is not sharp out of the box. The word Milano is printed on the side of the blade. This blade is plenty sharp to do every day type work right out of the box. The blade cuts well. The sharp part of the blade measures 3 1/8" long so you have plenty of cutting edge on this knife.
The handle on the Godfather Stiletto series is built of stainless steel liners with a black polymer overlay on both sides. The polymer is durable and stands up to reasonably heavy abuse. Each of the overlays is pinned to the knife with several brass pins. At the top and the bottom of the handle are stainless steel bolsters with a buffed finish. On the front handle, the slide safety and the trigger button are centered with the trigger button above the slide safety. The handle is well sized and comfortable in any size hand.
The fire button stands proud just above the center line of the handle. It is easy to press and triggers the blade smartly out of the handle. The slide safety is just below the trigger. The slide safety is just a bit tight because the friction prevents it from sliding freely into the off position. The most tricky part of the Godfather Stiletto is closing it. To close it, you depress the upper bolster down towards the handle--don't press it down towards the other bolster--think across the knife. If you want to see a short demonstration video on how to close this knife, we have a great one on YouTube.

I rank the Godfather Stiletto as a easy A-. This auto knife is great for the price. It is durable and stands up to moderate to heavy use. Plus it has the extra feature of being a "classic" with the feel of an old school automatic knife. Get one--at this price get a couple and give some to your friends as gifts.