Grim Reaper Butterfly Knife, Part Serrated

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This knife is out of production. Go to Butterfly Knives Under $30 page for similar knives.

The Grim Reaper Butterfly Knife has great action. This killer butterfly knife measuers 9" open and has a wave pattern down the handles. This makes for a great grip on the handles and it looks good also. This butterfly knife is built with pin construction, it needs no constant adjustments. The stainless steel blade is part serrated and the entire butterfly is made in Taiwan. This is a superb balisong knife.

The great thing about the Grim Reaper Butterfly knife is it's weight and the handle shape. Because it is a little heavier, it seems to move very smooth through the tricks. Also, because the handle has the wave shape to it, it is very easy to grip and hold as you manipulate this balisong knife. Although I wouldn't recommend this as a starter butterfly knife, for anyone with a little experience, it is a great, well built and high performing balisong. Give it a try, I think you will really like it.

Open: 9" Closed: 5 1/4" Blade: 3.5" Pin Construction Blade Material: Stainless Steel