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Kershaw Lucha Steel Butterfly Knife, Stonewash Blade

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This butterfly knife features stainless steel handles in a bead-blasted finish and a clip point style blade in a stonewash finish.

This next-level butterfly knife was designed in conjunction with feedback from real "flippers" and is the perfect size and weight for beginners and experts alike. From the rounded bevel on the handle scales to the dual KVT ball-bearing pivots to the positive stop on the latch--this knife has it all at an incredible price. Made in the USA.

Blade Length: 4.6"

Overall Length: 10.25"

Blade Material: Sandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel

Handle Material: Stainless Steel

Overall Weight: 5.9 oz.



  • Great knife

    Posted by Master_chief69 on Mar 4th 2021


    As a moderate flipper who’s flipped for three years I gotta say Kershaw changed the game with this one. Yes the handles are stainless, but they’re really darn cool, feel great and honestly aren’t bad at all. The hardware could use a bit of work, one of the screws holding the spacers seems to have stripped threads however I can just get em out. Little better than a BM 6x, for like 300 bucks less with a bit more handle bias. I enjoy it a lot! Can’t really expect much more honestly, it’s a bargain and flips very well. With some general modifications it can probably be considered one of the better flippers you can get nowadays. Only wish it had a pocket clip, but my 51 suits that for now! Kershaw definitely has made an amazing return after years in stasis since their last project being the original Kimura. Can’t wait to see if ZT does anything with the design!

  • Worth it. No regrets

    Posted by Cam on Jul 23rd 2020


    I just got back into flipping recently and my two cheap balisongs were kinda beat up. Lots of play between the handles and blade and the latches didn’t even really lock on either one. U really get what you pay for when it comes to balisongs, so I decided to bite the bullet and spend a little over a hundred bucks ($120 to be exact). $100 is a lot more than I usually pay for any of my fixed or folding blades, but like I said tho; when it comes to balis you get what you pay for. So anyway I got the knife and I immediately noticed how different it was compared to a cheap balisong, like you can really tell that Kershaw consulted actual flippers. After about a week of flipping it and dropping it a dozen times, there’s still no play between the blade and handles and it’s still feels smooth af. The bearings in pivots really take it to the next level. I’m far from an expert on butterfly knives but I know these things can get upwards of $300 and this knife definitely feels like it could sell for a lot more than $120. I say if ur into flipping and tired of the $30-$50 knives always slowly sucking shit the more you flip them, just take the next step and grab one of these. It’s honestly a steal imo. Just read the description and if u like what u see then get it. Fair warning tho it comes sharp af. I cut my fingers up pretty bad the first two days. Idk anything about the blade steel but I heard if u use it a lot you’ll have to maintain the edge kinda frequently so I’ll try to use it only if I don’t have my utility knife on me. Hopefully this things survives the abuse and if not, hopefully it stays $120 bucks forever lol. Kershaw did a really good job for their first balisong. I don’t usually write reviews unless I really am pleased with the product and if you couldn’t tell I’m pretty happy with it. This knife is pretty damn good for the price. Anyway, shoutout bladeops for the free shipping even to Hawaii.

  • Excellent for the price.

    Posted by D.G. on Feb 7th 2020


    High quality big balisong , USA MADE by Kershaw , 0 handle play , not tapping , perfect centered . A bit heavy , need big hands . It is a super solid bali, I give 5 stars for it . Much better than BM .