Microtech Jagdkommando Fixed Blade Knife, Black, MT105-1

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The Microtech Jagdkommando Knife is named after the Austrian Armed Special Forces group. This model, the MT105-1, features an all black finish on the blade, handle and blade sheath. Milled from a solid piece of stainless steel, the blade features three sharpened edges that twist. At the tip of the blade, the grooved faces meet in one sharp point. The handle and the cap both feature a waffle texture. On the handle, the "waffles" are about 1/10 of an inch and on the sheath they are about 3/8". The handle is hollow and the butt can unscrew. At the base of the handle there is a lanyard hole and there is another at the top of the handle. One of the coolest features of this knife is the aluminum sheath that screws over the blade. On the sheath, there is a belt loop that features the serial number (these are very limited and each one has a serial number) and the manufacture date. This fantastic Marfione custom knife is sure to sell quickly--get yours while they last. SPECIFICATIONS: Overall Length: 12 3/4” Blade Length: 7 1/8" Handle Length: 5 1/4" Weight: 18 oz. Total Weight: 26.8 oz.