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Microtech Signature Series Molon Labe Ultratech OTF Knife, Bronze Apocalyptic Tanto

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This Microtech Signature Series Molon Labe Ultratech  out-the-front knife features a bronze apocalyptic finished tanto blade. On the upper scale it features the Molon Labe pattern.

The clip features the Talon Logo along with the Marfione signature and the birthdate. 

These highly collectible Signature Series knives are part of limited runs with special materials and highlights.

The Ultratech without question has been Microtech's flagship model since its inception in 1999. Pound for pound, this knife offers an incredible value of superior craftsmanship and premium materials that set it apart from many other double-action auto knives on the market today. Each Microtech OTF knife has extremely sophisticated internal mechanisms which improve the overall operational functionality and reliability and its ability to be operated with just one hand makes it all the more practical.

Made in the USA.


  • Blade Length: 3.35"
  • Overall Length: 8.36"
  • Blade Finish: Bronze Apocalyptic 
  • Blade Style: Tanto
  • Handle Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Handle Finish: Molon Labe Pattern
  • Overall Weight: 3.5 oz.
  • Made in the USA


  • Microtech Signature Series Molon Labe Ultratech OTF Knife, Bronze Apocalyptic Tanto

    Posted by Fred on Oct 29th 2021


    Great service and knife. Mailed same day. Looking foward to ordering next knife.

  • Fantastic Blade!

    Posted by Fred on Oct 18th 2021


    First off...this is my first Microtech. And with that being said, this blade, without a shadow of doubt, is the finest I have purchased thus far. The blade came EXTREMELY sharp, hair shaving razor sharp. The deployment action is a bit stiff but a quick blast of CRC and a bit of back and forth on the machined trigger did the trick. The point on the T/E is super pointy and the finish on the blade is absolutely stunning. The laser etched Spartan helm and Molon Labe on the blade is icing on the cake. It's very easy to reset the blade being that I experimented with holding the knife in the undeployed position flush against a panel of 2 ply cardboard. Deployed the blade and....LO DUDÓ! The blade penetrates! Of course, being that this is a dual action otf, the blade needed resetting which was easily accomplished by pulling the manually all the way and giving a firm tug, essentially "feeling" a click. Overall I am quite pleased with this purchase and look forward to getting a Microtech Combat Troodon next. This is my second blade from Bladeops and nothing but excellence with my shopping experiences with them. Look forward to getting that Combat Troodon from Bladeops, when next time it's in stock! Bladeops, keep up the great