SOG Exclusive Desert Tan Spec Elite II Auto Knife, AUS-8 Black Blade

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BladeOps is proud to introduce their newest addition to their exclusive knife category--the SOG Desert Tan Spec Elite II auto knife. The Spec Elite series are manufactured from 6061-T6 hard anodized aluminum and use a state-of-the-art auto mechanism that snaps the blade open with conviction and locks it up tight when it's open. This larger model, the SE-63, features a black TiNi (Titanium Nitride) finish on a 4" clip point blade. This auto knife also features a slim profile, a built-in safety on the back handle scale as well as a reversible deep carry pocket clip--perfect for law enforcement, military personnel and consumers alike. Made in the USA.


  • Blade Length: 4"
  • Overall Length: 8.9"
  • Blade Material: AUS-8
  • Blade Finish: Black TiNi
  • Handle Length: 4.9"
  • Handle Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Weight: 3.6 oz.

Exclusive Alert

What’s better than a SOG Spec Elite II Auto? A BladeOps Exclusive SOG Spec Elite II! This new exclusive has a new twist on this classic knife. Several years ago, SOG gave us the Spec Elite I. Then came the larger sized Spec Elite II. Now, only at BladeOps, comes the Exclusive Desert Tan SOG Spec Elite II.


SOG’s story begins over in Vietnam. Members of a US special ops unit known as MACV-SOG were equipped with a unique combat knife that was used to help on covert missions in the jungle. Years later, in 1986, that same combat knife inspired young designer Spencer Frazer to create SOG Specialty Knives. His objective was to recreate that original SOG Bowie knife and have it be a tribute to the special ops unit that created it. From there, many hundreds of products were developed for others to use and enjoy. Many of these products have been field-proven by US Special Forces and even honored as the Navy SEAL knife of choice. The SOG Spec Elite II is a proud product of the SOG Company.


Before we dive into the exclusivity of the Spec Elite II, we should cover its specs. Then we can get into the good stuff about the knife. Listed below are the specifications for the SOG Spec Elite II.

  • Product Type: Automatic Knife
  • Overall Length: 8.90"
  • Weight: 3.60 oz.
  • Handle Length: 4.90"
  • Blade Length: 4.00"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.120"
  • Blade Material: AUS-8
  • Blade Edge: Plain
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Finish: Black
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Handle Color: Desert Tan
  • Sheath Included: No
  • Pocket Clip: Reversible Tip-Up
  • Lanyard Hole Included
  • Made in the USA

Everything listed above will be discussed in the following paragraphs.


The handle is the biggest change about the new SOG Spec Elite II. Previous versions of the knife have all featured black handles. Black is always a good choice in a handle, but the new color on the Spec Elite II is even more exciting. SOG labels the color as Desert Tan. To me, it looks more like a copper or a rust color. Regardless of what it is called, it looks stunning. The luster the aluminum handle gives off is faint but noticeable. It almost seems that when you hold the knife, you are holding a precious ore whose worth is unimaginable. What would make the knife look even more exquisite is a paracord lanyard coming off the knife. Now, it isn’t too often that paracord is talked about, but we have an exception here. There are several different colors available that would look great with the Spec Elite II handle. A black, tan, or rust colored paracord, done up in a fancy knot, would add excitement to the knife. Might as well take advantage of that lanyard hole that’s available.

One of the most favorable characteristics of the Spec Elite II is its profile. It is perhaps one of the thinnest knives around. This is one reason why the knife is so popular. Including the pocket clip, the handle is less than half an inch thick. My phone in its case is thicker than this knife (and my phone is pretty thin). This knife will not bulge out of your pocket.

Speaking of pockets, the pocket clip on the Spec Elite II is reversible to allow both lefties and righties to use this knife. The clip allows the knife to be a deep carry in the pocket. Not only that, it is a discrete carry because of the position of the clip. It rests even with the seam of the pocket.

The aluminum used in the handle gives the knife a solid feel, without the extra weight. Weighing in at 3.60 oz. this is nothing in relation to the knife’s size. For being a larger knife, it weighs nothing.

As for how the handle looks, it reminds me of the hilt of a sword. The handle is thinner in the middle and widens out at both ends. The face of the handle has “SOG” milled into it, for looks and a better grip. There is also a repeating pattern of milled lines that run perpendicular to the handle.

Blade Style

The blade on the Spec Elite II is an all-purpose drop point blade. It is quite capable of standing up against anything that it comes across. The large edge for cutting makes it perfect for slicing. Another advantage that the drop point has is its tip. The point on the blade is sharp and is thicker than other styles, thus allowing for a stronger tip. The point is also great when it comes to accurately controlling the blade. The drop point is an all-around good blade to have on your knife.

The drop point is finished with a TiNi coating. Titanium Nitride or Titanium Aluminum Nitride (also known as DLC) is an extremely hard and tough coating that serves to protect a blade against scratches and corrosion. From a hardness point of view, some people say that DLC is harder than diamond. When someone needs protection from corrosion, a TiNi coating has some advantages. If one tends to forget proper maintenance, the coating can resist corrosion for a longer time.

Blade Steel

The steel that is used with the Spec Elite II blade is AUS-8 Stainless Steel. Made in Japan, this steel is exceptionally hard and is quite capable of achieving and retaining a sharp edge. Plus, with the high amount of chromium, this knife is extremely rust-resistant. It has Vanadium to give the steel more hardness. AUS-8 steel is very easy to sharpen to a razor edge but it will dull fast. Generally low cost with great corrosion resistance. AUS-8 is said to be compared to steels like 440C, CM-154, and D2. This well-rounded knife has high quality in its hardness, toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. While this metal is still far from being perfect, it is a quality steel for what it costs to produce.

Automatic Knife

Automatic knives are a popular choice of knife to own. They offer many advantages that a typical folder, fixed blade, or even a spring assisted knife do not offer. One benefit to owning an auto is its deployment speed. Some may argue that a spring assisted knife is just as fast as an automatic knife. This is true in many cases, but what makes an automatic knife a better option is the easiness factor to it. With the press of a button or a flick of a switch, the blade will flash open in a blink of an eye. Not only is it quick, but it can be fired off with one hand. Plus, firing off an auto is fun to do.

The firing and locking mechanism on the Spec Elite II is a plunge lock that utilizes a button. Until this little button is pressed on the handle, this blade is not going anywhere. This lock is backed up with additional safety measures. On the opposite side of the handle, where the button is located, is a safety switch. Now, men, there is no need to do a safety dance without hats, this is the real deal.

These features come in handy during many circumstances. If one of your hands in a bind or holding an object in need of cutting, an auto can be opened right away with one hand and do its job. Emergency response teams, law enforcement, and military personnel are all constantly faced with tribulation that requires the use of a decent knife. In many high-stress situations, having a knife ready in a blink of an eye using only one hand can help someone else live for one more day. They are different than a traditional knife and bring a new element to the knife industry.

Carrying the Knife

Because of the profile that the Spec Elite II has, it is good to know how it actually fits in the pocket. We’ve already discussed its size, shape, and how it will carry, but let’s go into a little bit more detail. There are a few things that we need to consider. Those items include its carry depth, its weight, its thickness and width, and its appearance.

Carry Depth- Because of how slim the knife is, the Spec Elite is comfortable to carry. Not only in your hand, but it is decently comfortable in your pocket. When closed, the knife is almost 5 inches long. A typically comfortable carry knife is anywhere between three and a half to 5 inches long when closed. The knife rests on the edge that range. A question I ask myself before getting a knife is “Will the knife fit in my pant pocket?” But I also ask “Will the knife fall out of my pocket?” One of my most cherished knives fell out of my pocket, and ever since then I check to see if the knife will fall out. The Spec Elite II is deep enough that it shouldn’t fall out of your pocket. The pocket clip that comes with the knife will make sure it will not fall out. It rests at the butt of the handle to optimize the most amount of knife riding inside the pocket. This discrete carry also helps with appearance.

Weight- One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing an everyday carry is its weight. It is the worst feeling to have to carry heavy objects in your pocket, no matter what it is. A good knife weight ranges anywhere from as little as 3.0 ounces to 5.0 ounces. The Spec Elite II fits right into the beginning of this range. It weighs 3.60 ounces. It is quite small for its size. When holding it, it feels lighter than what you think.

Thickness and Width- When carrying a knife around all the time in your pocket, there is a limited amount of space available in your pocket. A good everyday carry knife should be comfortable to carry and easy to handle. As mentioned before, the Spec Elite II is the same thickness as my smartphone. It is also about a third of the width of my cellphone. Being so thin makes this knife a great choice to carry around everywhere.

Appearance- Bulky knives can be awkward to carry around because of its appearance. They can also be intimidating if the look too “intense”. Its look is very welcoming. The luster that we talked about earlier draws people into it. People are going to love this knife.

The Cutting Test

Typically, the tests performed are here to help you as a consumer to determine if this product is what you want. The tests conducted are on paper, cardboard, rope/paracord, and plastic. These items are common materials that are cut on a day to day basis. This is how the Spec Elite II performed:

Paper- The nicest thing about the SPEC ELITE II blade is the ridiculously sharp edge. This made slicing through multiple layers of paper quite simple. Remember those ripped people that can tear a phonebook in half with one tug? I can only imagine that the SPEC ELITE II can do the same. It may take a little bit longer, though.

Cardboard- The knife was easily able to cut the cardboard clean and straight. It seemed to me when cutting the cardboard it was just as easy, if not easier to cut than paper. The cardboard had no chance against the knife.

Rope- The paracord I tested the Spec Elite II on was cut clean into two pieces. Without a sharp blade, I doubt that the results would be the same. It is a good thing that the blade on the Spec Elite II is sharp and ready to work. Normally, serrated edges would be a better choice in cutting rope, but the blade on the Spec Elite II did surprisingly well.

Plastic- Different types of plastics range from being thin as tape to a thickness similar to that used in Tupperware. The Spec Elite II was able to cut through all sorts of plastics. The tape that is used to seal up your products you purchased online is nothing when the knife faces it. It’s like cutting the air around us. When it came time to test the blade on thicker plastics, it took a significant amount of effort. This knife is sharp and tremendously tough.


The Exclusive Spec Elite II from SOG is a knife that you have to get. There are too many good things about it to not have it. Get yours as soon as possible from BladeOps before it runs out!