SOG Revolver 2.0 Hunt Fixed Blade Knife, Satin Mulit-blade, Black/Orange Handle

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The SOG Revolver 2.0 Hunt fixed blade knife offers the user the unique ability to change the blade with the push of a button--by pressing the locking button on the handle, the blade rotates on an axis to reveal either a upswept clip point skinning blade or a double tooth saw with gut hook. This dual threat is perfect for the hunter, archer, fisherman or sportsman in your life.


  • Overall Length: 7.8"
  • Blade Length: 3.2"
  • Product Weight: 4.4 oz
  • Blade Steel: 8CR13MOV
  • Blade Hardness: 57-58
  • Handle Material: Glass-reinforced nylon with rubber overmold
  • Sheath: Black leather with belt loop attachment

Unique Twist

The SOG Revolver 2.0 Hunt Fixed Blade Knife is nothing like the normal fixed blade knives out on the market. With a press of a button, this knife can turn into two different types of knives in an instant; literally putting a unique twist on this blade. How it works is by first pressing a button near the butt of the knife to unlock the blade from the rest of the frame. After unlocking the mechanism, the blade is free to twist or revolve around a pivot to reveal another blade. The two options that come with the SOG Revolver 2.0 include a clip point blade and a fully serrated blade with an additional gut hook. Being able to rotate one-hundred and eighty degrees, this knife will make you bend over backward just to add this knife to your hunting collection. The SOG Revolver 2.0 Hunt Fixed Blade Knife is the ultimate knife for the outdoorsman, hunter, archer, fisherman, and sportsman.

Not a Typical Fixed Blade

The SOG Revolver 2.0 Hunt is not your typical fixed blade in the sense of its three common variations. The three most common fixed blades available differ because of their tang. The first of the three is a full tang. This is where the metal that comprises the blade continues in an unbroken fashion to the end of the handle. The second type of fixed blade variation is a partial tang. Like the full tang, the metal is continuous from the tip of the blade until the handle. However, the metal stops about halfway through the handle. The third type of tang variation available in fixed blades is a stick or rat-tail tang. While the metal is still continuous from blade to handle, the amount of metal found in the handle is significantly reduced. Each has their different purposes and advantages, but that’s not what we are focusing on. The SOG Revolver 2.0 Hunt is similar to the full tang fixed blade because of its continuous amount of metal from blade tip, all throughout the handle. The biggest difference is the fact that the full tang is able to swivel around a pivot pin to reveal the two different blades available on the knife.

Qualities of a Good Hunting Knife

The SOG Revolver 2.0 Hunt is marketed as an all-inclusive tool for the ultimate benefit of hunters, fishers, and other sportsman. Well to be sure that it can walk its walk, there are certain criteria that all hunting knives need to meet for it to be an effective hunting tool. It needs to be sharp and easy to re-sharpen while out in the wild outdoors. This means that a quality hunting knife needs a quality steel in order to be sharp, retain an edge, and be easy to re-sharpen while outdoors. We will go over the steel later, but the steel used in the Revolver 2.0 is an 8CR13MOV stainless steel.

Additionally, it must have a handle that is non-slippery that gives it a good grip under demanding conditions, such as cold temperatures or when the grip is slippery with blood, water, etc. A good hunting knife needs to be simple to clean after use. Hunting can be a messy job, therefore, the clean-up should be an easy task. Like we have mentioned before, most hunting knives are fixed blade with a variety of tangs. The closer a knife can get to a full tang, it becomes more durable and capable of accomplishing all the tasks necessary while hunting.


The SOG Revolver 2.0 Hunt has a long list of specifications to it. Some to note beforehand is the length of the knife. This knife has an average length and is considered a good size for a hunting knife. The rest of the specs include the following:

· Product Type: Fixed Blade

· Overall Length: 7.80"

· Weight: 4.40 oz.

· Handle Length: 4.6”

· Blade Length: 3.2"

· Blade Thickness: 0.125"

· Blade Material: 8CR13MOV

· Hardness: RC. 57-58

· Blade Edge: Straight Blade, Saw with Gut Hook

· Blade Style: Clip Point

· Blade Finish: Satin

· Handle Material: Glass-Reinforced Nylon with Rubber Overmold

· Handle Color: Black, Orange

· Sheath Included: Yes

· Sheath Color: Black

· Sheath Attachment Type: Belt Loop

· Sheath Material: Leather

· Made in China

Some key points to highlight about the knife that sets it apart is the two different blade edges. The knife isn’t a partially serrated combo, but rather two blades that have the full edge. Each blade is 3.2” and has the same thickness. Simply, this knife kills two birds with one stone.

Clip Point Blade

The blade style offered on the SOG Revolver 2.0 is a sharp clip point. There are many hunters who prefer this type of style simply because of the aesthetic value it offers rather than some other blade style. Traditionally, hunting knives have been a clip point. Therefore, it makes sense to pass down the blade style with this tradition of hunting. A clip point is useful for many tasks while hunting. Those tasks may include general around the camp duties, skinning and dressing game, etc. Anyone who wants a decent all-around blade should look to get a clip point. Some other advantages to having a clip point comprise of being able to have a controllable point, strong at piercing, extremely sharp, and the edge offers a sufficient edge for slicing.

Serrated Knife

In comparison with a sharp plain edge, such as that on the clip point, serrations tend to do well in cutting hard material. Whether it be thick rope, hard plastics, bones, or any other fibrous material, a serrated blade is capable of cutting through it. Serrated cutting is done by a few key factors. When beginning to cut, the tiny points on all the serrations touch the object being cut. This allows for a more centralized pressure on the cut. After applying this pressure, the dozens of little serrations act like hooks. Each pulls at the material until it is cut deep. The penetrating points and scallops greatly assist in cutting with their low-edge, sharp angle. Many question the usage of a serrated blade. They ask if it is even worth it to have as a tool when they have a sharp plain edge. However, it is difficult to ever really know when you will be needing a serrated blade, especially in the wild. But it is essential to be prepared for whenever that situation arises. Luckily, the SOG Revolver 2.0 offers both of these blades. Ultimately, with this knife, you will be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Gut Hook

The last feature that the SOG Revolver 2.0 has to offer on it is a gut hook. Some people do not feel that having a gut hook is important/necessary for many reasons, but the biggest concern was safety. Traditionally, gut hooks are featured on the back of a plain edge blade. This would cause all sorts of safety hazards when being used. However, the Revolver 2.0 has its gut hook on the back of the serrated edge. This can help alleviate any fears that users have of slicing themselves with a sharp plain edge. If anything, the gut hook provides another tool to carry with you while out in the wild.


The steel used in the blade of the Revolver 2.0 Hunt is 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. For a knife that is inexpensive, 8Cr13MoV is a tough steel to compete with. It is a Chinese steel with similar qualities to the Japanese AUS-8 stainless steel. 8Cr13Mov and its variations (including 8Cr14MoV) are excellent steels considering how little it costs to produce. Similar to AUS-8, 8Cr13MoV lacks the edge retention of the higher end steels. This is considerable based on the cost of making the steel. It can, however, take a sharp edge, is considerably tough, and corrosion resistant. Owning a stainless steel hunting knife does not require too much attention. Even though they are a little harder to sharpen, stainless steel blades are a popular choice amongst hunters everywhere. This is because of the environment where the knife will be used, i.e. working in less than ideal weather conditions, dealing with corrosive liquids (blood), etc. It is important to remember with any knife, but especially stainless steel, to keep it sharp. A sharp blade cuts more easily, and helps prevent you from accidentally cutting yourself by trying to force a dull blade to cut.

Satin Finish

The satin finish on the SOG Revolver 2.0 makes it a more effective knife to use. The satin blade surface is a finish that is covered with small unidirectional strokes forming a uniform pattern. The blade has a matte finish but has a shiny surface when it reflects direct sunlight. One benefit to a satin finish is that many minor scratches from regular use are unnoticeable. Having this type of finish allows the Revolver 2.0 blade to be used more without worries of it being too beat up.


Besides its hunter orange color to stick out among the foliage of the wild areas of the world, the handle for the SOG is made to work well in the hands of any sportsman. Made from glass-reinforced nylon with a rubber overmold, this handle is going to be easier to grip. Compared to other types of handle materials, the reinforced nylon is strong, tough, and requires little to no maintenance. It is inexpensive to produce, which helps the overall cost of the knife go down. The only downside to it, is that it sometimes has that cheap plastic feel. But that will not matter, especially after taking down that big buck or other game.

Carbide Sharpener

To help this knife be even more productive and a better tool to have on hand, SOG has included a portable sharpener with the Revolver 2.0. Stored within the handle of the knife is the 3-inch carbide sharpener. While a nice, professional sharpening is always recommended, the carbide sharpener offers a quick solution to a dull situation while away from home.


Included with the SOG Revolver 2.0 Hunt is a leather sheath to hold the fixed blade. Leather is a classy material that both looks well and functions properly. There are several advantages to having a leather sheath, but one of the main benefits is the aesthetics it brings. Leather is a well-known for its looks, but it also feels nice while holding it and it smells good. If it is well properly maintained, such as oiling it from time to time, leather can be durable and last a long time. The quality of the material and the sheath can be expected to last. With leather being a natural material, it will not last long if you neglect to take care of it. You will normally store your fixed blade knife in the leather sheath while it is not being used. However, if you are not planning on using it for a while, you'll need special long-term storage solutions. For long-term storage, a solution is to wrap the knife, after it has been clean and dry, in plain paper. Store that package in a plastic bag and add a package of desiccant to the bag to absorb any moisture.

Is this Knife for You?

Hunting can take many different forms. There is hunting with bows and arrows, hunting with rifles, or fishing with rods. Whatever occasion it is, there is one common thread that weaves to bind them all together. That is the knife that is brought along to help capture that game. The SOG Revolver 2.0 Hunt is that common thread between these expeditions. SOG has provided the Revolver 2.0 Hunt for the convenience of the sportsman. Every little detail has gone into constructing this knife. From the ability to switch knife blade styles with the press of a button to extra little tools to keep you ready for any situation, there is something for every hunter to use. So if you are asking if the Revolver 2.0 is for you, the answer is yes. You will be using at least one feature, so why not have more ready at the press of a button?