SOG ST-01 SOG-TAC Clip Point Auto Knife, AUS-8 Satin Blade

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Our customers have been asking for us to produce a tactical switchblade for years. But we waited... because we wanted to do something really special. The SOG-TAC is an invigorating new design that looks like nothing else. It is big but relatively slim and is specifically designed for action. Blade travel is definitely fast and once open it locks up like a floor safe. There is also: a safety button that double locks the blade in the open/closed position, our reversible bayonet style clip and a gorgeous upswept blade. We think it was well worth the wait! Blade 3.5" x .125" Overall Length 8" Weight 3.8 oz. Edge Straight Steel AUS-8 Finish Satin Includes Reversible pocket clip

SOG's tactical switchblade line is fantastic. Here are my favorite things about the SOGST-01. I really like how thin this knife is. Compared to other knives, well, you actually can't compare it to any other auto knives because I have never seen one this thin. The size is plenty big for use. With an overall length of 8" and a blade length of 3.5", it can get pretty much any job done. But it is amazingly thin which means it fits nice in my pocket. The lock is on the back and is a slide switch. I generally don't love slide switches on the face (front or back) of the knife because they seem to get bumped a little easier in your pocket. This one doesn't. It also acts as a safety that will lock the blade open--pretty cool, and it gives you just a little extra confidence when you stick your knife into something that it isn't going to close on your hand. The G-10 type inlay on the scales is nice. The texturing give additional gripping power. Finally the blade, what a great, classic shape. Seems to be very strong and is relatively easy to keep sharp. This auto knife is a definite must for any type of fieldwork, camping, or just as a great addition to a fine collection.