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Spyderco C81GPDGY2 Dark Grey Paramilitary 2 Folder Knife, Maxamet Satin Blade

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Highly regarded as one of the most popular folder knives ever created, the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 slightly diminishes the exceptional performance and reliability of the Spyderco Military model into a more compact and pocket-friendly design. Each model features a premium stainless steel blade that is supported, this time, by Spyderco's patented Compression Lock™ mechanism--allowing users to safely close the blade with one hand without ever having the operating hand come near the cutting edge. Much like its larger predecessor, the Paramilitary 2 features a slightly flared base of the handle as well as the integrated jimping which provides increased control with any cutting job. This upgraded model, the C81GPDGY2, features a dark grey G-10 handle, a satin finished clip point style blade, Spyderco's trademark round hole opening feature and an ambidextrous 4-way positional pocket clip which allows for a tip up or tip down carry option on either side of the handle. Made in the USA.


  • Blade Length: 3.42"
  • Overall Length: 8.24"
  • Blade Material: Micro-Melt Maxamet Tool Steel
  • Blade Finish: Satin
  • Handle Length: 4.82"
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Weight: 3.9 oz.
  • Made in the USA


  • It's a light saber

    Posted by James Walker on Dec 31st 2020


    First knife in Maxamet, first Para Military 2, first Spyderco in over a decade as I got into Benchmade for awhile. I have not used this knife for serious work yet, but let me share the experience that I have had with it so far: I have blades in CTS-204P, M390, CPM-S90V, S30V, S45VN, and M4. All examples of phenomenal steel. This thing though, it doesn't cut like any knife I've ever used. It just glides, even through cardboard when using the proper angle and the tiniest bit of technique. I used it to deflate a long string of those air-filled plastic packaging things that everyone seems to be using now (unless you order knives online then it's packaging peanuts lol). Overkill, I know - but it was what I happened to be carrying when I needed to do this small task. I've used everything from a box cutter and a cheap Husky folder to my nicer Benchmades to accomplish this task before, and this Spyderco in Maxamet made the task just so enjoyable, I went around my garage looking for more stuff to cut. Cardboard? Check. More plastic? Check. When you use a blade to cut something, even something as thin as packaging plastic, and you feel ZERO resistance given by the material, it's a special experience and it only happens with special knives. As for opening/closing - it's like butter compared to the Benchmades (which use a totally different locking mechanism so not an entirely fair comparison). It's the smoothest opening knife I've ever owned (and I have an XM-18 flipper (S45VN). It locks open as secure as any knife, and it honestly makes the Benchmade Axis system feel dangerously flimsy in comparison (it isn't dangerous or flimsy in reality but in comparison it just feels like it would be). The back mounted compression lock is interesting and takes a little getting used to if you've never used one, but once you get the feel it's a great locking mechanism. The choil is supremely integrated into the handling geometry of the knife but you can also choke down and get a solid grip using just the handle if you'd rather not risk letting your finger slip into the path of this light saber. The handle is thicker and longer than I expected and the knife overall is heavier than I expected. It's a bit bulky in the pocket for a daily carry, IMO, unless you are a larger person then it will probably feel normal to you. While I'm not yet a "serious collector" of knives, I do have a representative collection of higher-end knives with some exotic steels, and this thing is in a class by itself. All in all, this is the most outstanding example of a folding knife I have owned. I love the Maxamet so much that I have a Sage 1 in Maxamet on the way which I expect will be my daily carry for all eternity. Just buy one if you can come up with the budget. You will not be disappointed unless you are super-particular about keeping the blade cosmetically clean, as Maxamet will patina - even from finger oils etc. I have some kitchen knives in 52100 so I'm used to some character on my working blades. Get one and enjoy!!!