Terminator Butterfly Knife

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This knife is out of production. Go to Butterfly Knives Under $30 page for similar knives.

The Terminator Butterfly knife has stainless steel handles and blade with three long punch outs along each handle and slight indentations on each side of each handle where these punch outs begin/end. This allows you to get a great grip on the Terminator Butterfly knife and it makes for a lighter weight knife. This butterfly knife is made with hex construction which allows for adjustable tension on the blade and handles. This gives the experienced user greater control over their butterfly knife. The Terminator Butterfly has fantastic weight and movement. It also has two tang pins to reduce wear and tear on the handles. Overall, this butterfly knife is one of our favorite value butterfly knives. Smooth action and a great look combine for a fantastic value. Add a Terminator butterfly knife to your cart today.

One of our bestselling butterfly knives, the Terminator has stainless steel handles with a skeletonized look. The punchouts along the handles reduce the total weight of the Terminator butterfly knife to make it one of the lightest balisongs in our stock. The cut outs also give your hands and fingers spots to grab onto the handles as you manipulate the knife. Solid construction, smooth action, and a techno look all combine to make this one of the best butterfly knives we have.

Closed: 5 1/8" Open: 8 7/8" Blade Length: 3 1/2" Hex Construction Weight: 3.9 Ounces