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Thug Heavyweight Balisong Butterfly Knife, Black Combo Blade

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The Thug Heavyweight butterfly knife is a fantastic choice for those just entering into the realm of butterfly "flipping" or if you want something that is as durable as it is cost effective. This knife boasts skeletonized stainless steel handles and a modified drop point style blade that is partly serrated and the integrated tang pin and and pin construction is a true testament to why the Thug Heavyweight has been a top seller year after year.


  • Blade Length: 4"
  • Overall Length: 9"
  • Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
  • Blade Finish: Black
  • Handle Length: 5"
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 7 oz.

Thug Butterfly Knife Review


The Thug butterfly knife features many of the high end butterfly knife characteristics. It has smooth, solid action and a great weight. The heavy duty, skeletonized handle gives you a solid grip and the blade is attached via pin construction. A single tang pin keeps the handles from banging.


The 3.5” blade is connected to the handles with pin construction. The blade has a modified clip point edge and partial serrations. A black finish makes for a great look. The blade is stainless steel and stands up to good, solid abuse. This is especially critical for those who practice hard. No matter how skilled you are, occasionally the knife gets away when performing a particular maneuver. A small note: many people will place a strip of electrician’s tape over the edge when they are practicing a new move. This way, if you hit yourself with the blade edge, it may hurt a bit but it shouldn’t cut.



The 4.93” black finished stainless steel handles are skeletonized. They have a black finish that wears well. Over time, it will get a few dings in it, but it doesn’t chip excessively. I classify the handles on this butterfly as heavy. They move smooth and well. Because the blade is attached with pins, it isn’t necessary to continually adjust the “tightness” of the butterfly’s movement. And you never have to worry about it all flying apart. Instead, because it is built so well, you can just focus your time and effort on improving your skills.



The Thug is one of my absolute favorite, low cost butterfly knives. The action is great, the weight is good and the durability is off the charts


  • Balisong

    Posted by Stephen Warren Gondos on Nov 6th 2020


    Smooth action.Well made.Black paint fades fast but,who cares?I'm happy with it.

  • Great knife!!

    Posted by Brynn Kneisley on Oct 22nd 2020


    This is an awesome butterfly knife for the price! It is incredibly sharp and is super fun to do tricks with! It does take a little bit to get used to the weight and doing tricks but it’s so fun once you do. I would reckon end this knife to anyone who wants a good quality balisong without paying a ton of money for it.