TOPS Knives Pry Probe Punch Tool, PPP01

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The TOPS Knives Pry-Probe-Punch tool is the ultimate all around tool where you need something other than a blade to get a job done. This 1/2" forged steel tool is the low cost alternative--it is easy to carry and small enough to pack just about anywhere. This working tool is specifically designed to be a multi purpose emergency tool. Over time, the punch tip can be dulled slightly with repeated use--it can easily be resharpened with a metal file to get it back in top working condition. This tool also comes with a sheath, a survival saw, and an offset screwdriver for close quarter work.. SPECIFICATIONS: O/A Length: 7 1/4" Spoon Width: 1 1/4" Shank Thickness: 1/2" Steel: 5140 Alloy RC 55-56 Forged Steel Sheath: Nylon Weight: 6oz