Wise Food Storage 120 Serving Emergency Entree Grab and Go

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Wise Food Storage--120 Servings Entree Grab and Go Bucket. 
  • Perfect addition to your long term food storage 
  • Stored in convenient mylar pouches
  • Easy to prepare, just add boiling water.
  • Optimal Storage Temperature: 50 to 55 degrees F
Includes the following packaged entrees in a sealed plastic bucket with carry handle:
Savory Stroganoff  --  12 Servings
Cheesy Macaroni  --  12 Servings
Pasta Alfredo  --  12 Servings
Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini  --  12 Servings
Teriyaki and Rice  --  12 Servings
Cheesy Lasagna  --  12 Servings
Creamy Ala King and Rice  --  12 Servings
Chili Macaroni  --  12 Servings
Tomato Basil Soup  --  12 Servings
Hearty Tortilla Soup  --  12 Servings
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