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Knife Review: CRKT OD Green Bona Fide Flipper Knife, Field Strip Gen II

Knife Review: CRKT OD Green Bona Fide Flipper Knife, Field Strip Gen II

Posted by SD on Mar 17th 2021

The CRKT OD Green Bona Fide Flipper Knife, Field Strip Gen II

Any tactical knife from CRKT is going to be a good one. That’s just a given. Of course, there are going to be certain tactical knives from CRKT that are just simply better than others. The OD Green Bona Fide Flipper is one of those. First of all, the knife is made out of quality steel, has a black PVD finished blade, and has an anodized aluminum handle. All of these details and materials lend themselves to having a durable, usable knife. One that is already a great knife if there were no other defining features. Yet CRKT didn’t stop there. They gave this knife a deep carry clip for discreet carry, they installed the IKBS ball bearing pivot system, and best yet, the knife features the Field Strip Gen II technology, which seriously sets this knife apart. The Field Strip technology is the defining feature of this knife, launching it into one of the most useful tactical knives that you may own. Read on to understand all the details about this knife, especially what makes the Field Strip Gen II technology so amazing for your next tactical knife purchase.

The Blade:

The blade on the CRKT Bona Fide is made out of 1.4116 steel. This is a quality, durable steel. The biggest advantage that this steel features is just how corrosion resistant it really is. This is an important feature of a reliable tactical knife, because sometimes when you are in the field, there isn’t much maintenance that you can perform. You also don’t CRKT OD Green Bona Fideknow what environments that you may come in contact with. From swamps to the desert, this steel is going to hold its own. Next, the steel is very tough, which again, is a critical feature of a reliable tactical knife. You need to be able to trust the tactical knife that you have chosen to use, and the Bona Fide is a knife that you can trust. You won’t’ have to worry about the brittleness of the blade, which means that you won’t ever have to worry about whether or not the blade can take on the task at hand.

The blade steel is good, quality, and reliable. The blade finish seriously sets the blade apart from any competition. The blade has been coated with a PVD finish. PVD stands for physical vapor deposition, which is how the coating is applied to the blade. This coating is best known for how it increases the good qualities in any steel. With a blade that has a PVD finish, the blade is going to be tougher, stronger, and incredibly more corrosion resistant. This is one of the strongest blade finishes that is in the market, and it is one that you cannot go wrong with. Essentially, it creates a crazy strong barrier that is going to protect the steel at all costs. This means that the already good steel becomes great. Also, the black pairs exceptionally with the OD Green handle scales.

Finally, the design of the blade is one that will let you take on a wide variety of tasks, which is also critical in a tactical situation, as this knife may be the only tool, and weapon that you are relying on. The spien of the blade has a row of jimping which is there to provide more stability when you are working with the knife, especially with fine detail work. The belly is large and has a big curve to it, which provides plenty of cutting surface. This allows the knife to slice, cut, and carve with ease. Finally, the tip of the knife is not super fine, which does mean that it will have a little more strength and durability, allowing you to take on tougher tasks.

The Handle:

The handle scales are made out of OD Green anodized aluminum. Aluminum is a super durable material, which is just one more aspect of this CRKT knife that lends itself to being one of the most durable tactical knives that you come across. And not only is it a durable material, but it also is a lower density metal which means that you are going to feel like there is enough heft that you can be backed by this knife. You aren’t going to feel like you are playing with a toy, you can put strength behind the knife, and the knife will help you do the work. That being said, because it is a lower density metal, this heft does not actually come from a lot of added weight on the knife. Instead, aluminum is a low weight material which keeps the overall weight of the knife down. This is also important in tactical situations, because you do not want to be weighed down by a lot of gear. You want to be able to move in and out of places quickly and quietly, and the CRTK Bona Fide is not going to stop you from being able to do any of that.

The handle scales have been adonized for a couple of reasons. The first is that it gives the handle scales the OD Green color. This is a great color for a tactical knife as the color will blend into many different environments. That is not all though. The anodization process changes the surface of the aluminum to create a stronger, tougher, more corrosion resistant “skin” on the aluminum. This is yet another detail that lends itself to just how durable and reliable this tactical knife is.

Finally, the actual design of the handle is also important and lends itself well to your tactical purposes. The spien and the belly are very slightly sloped, to provide a more comfortable hold on the knife. There is not finger guard, but there is a flipper mechanism, so when the knife is opened, there is a makeshift finger guard. Finally, the texture of the handle scales is mottled, which is going to provide you with plenty of grip in a variety of different environments.

The Details:

The blade on the OD Green Bona Fide flipper knife measures in at 3.59 inches long, which is plenty of length to really get most jobs done. This length is average to slightly above average in terms of pocketknives, but in a tactical situation, the extra length might make a big difference. This extra length is also not so much longer that you are going to feel out-of-control while using the knife. The handle measures in at 4.66 inches long, which means that the overall length of this CRKT comes in at 8.25 inches long. This is a slightly larger pocketknife, but for your tactical situations, it is the perfect size. This CRKT knife weighs in at 4.3 ounces.

This knife does feature the IKBS ball bearing pivot system. This is a smooth opening system that also cuts down on weight. This means that the knife can open smoothly, quickly, and reliably each and every time. It won’t stick or get jammed shut, especially since you can maintain it in the field with the Field Strip Gen II technology.

Lastly, this is a flipper knife, which is a part of the opening mechanism. There is a small sharks-fin shaped piece of the blade that extends out of the handle when the knife is closed. You pull back on this flipper, which smoothly swings the knife open and locks it into place, ready for use. The flipper is a great addition to this tactical knife because it provides a finger guard when the knife is opened. This is also an easy mechanism to use, and there should be very little fumbling with this knife, because the flipper piece is so easy to locate.

The Field Strip Technology:

CRKT OD Green Field Strip Technology

The field strip technology is really what sets this tactical knife apart from the rest of tactical knives. This is a CRKT innovation that allows you to take apart your knife for cleaning without tools. This means that you can easily take it apart in the field, clean any gunk that may have accumulated, easily put it back together, and then go on your way with a working knife. This is not a hard process to do, and it can really make a big difference in certain situations.

The Field Strip Gen II technology works smoothly and easily. All you have to do is slide the lever up to disassemble, which easily released the knife into three components. To reassemble the knife, you place the blade between the two-handle sin the closed position and then slide the lever back down to reassemble it.

While this technology is not a must on a tactical knife, it definitely sets it apart from the others. It allows you to quickly clean your knife in the case of something clogging it up or jamming it. Being able to clean the knife in the filed also means that you can more fully rely on only the Bona Fide flipper knife, because you know that you will be able to maintain it while working.

The Advantages:

The biggest advantage of the CRTK OD Green Bona Fide flipper knife is simply how reliable and durable of a tactical knife it is. The blade is reliable from start to finish. The 1.4116 steel, the PVD coating, and the design of the blade all ensure that this is tough, can take a beating, and can do a wide variety of tasks. The blade is not a blade that is going to let you down.

Next, the handle scales are made out of anodized aluminum, which is known for being corrosion resistant, durable, and lightweight. The anodization of the steel adds in that extra bit of durability, toughness, and corrosion resistance. The mottled textured of the handle scales elevate the knife even further, providing you with enough grip in many different environments.

Next, the deep carry pocket clip that this knife boasts ensures that the knife will stay securely inside of your pocket while you move about. Not only that, but it allows the knife to be hidden inside of your pocket, because of how deep it can lay.

Finally, the Field Strip Gen II technology sets this tactical knife apart. This CRKT knife is one that you can seriously trust.

Final Thoughts:

CRKT OD Green Field Strip II Bona Fide Knife

The CRKT OD Green Bona Fide boasts the brand-new Field Strip Gen II from Ken Onion. Easy to maintain, this knife features a black PVD finished blade, OD green anodized aluminum handle scales, and a deep carry clip for discreet carry. The blade opens smooth and easy with flipper action on IKBS ball bearing pivots.

An homage to his roots. World-renowned designer Ken Onion made Hawaii home many years ago. So, to pay tribute to his deep love of the island’s rich culture and verdant landscape, he designed the Bona Fide OD GREEN everyday carry folding knife to suggest the shape of a traditional Hawaiian wa ’a, or canoe. And with Field Strip Gen II, it’s just as powerful as it looks.

Years ago, form his shop in Kaneohe, Hawaii, Ken Onion invented the first generation of Field Strip technology. With the recrafted, reimagined, and simpler Field Strip Gen II, his creativity has boldly entered new territory. The Bona Fide OD Green folding knife is substantial everyday carry measuring at just over 8” form the tip of the strong 1.4116 blade to the end of the strong, lightweight textured green aluminum handle. The dropped tip of the blade has both the benefits of modified Wharncliffe and modified drop point and deploys smoothly with the IKBS ball bearing pivot system. Field strip Gen II lets you quickly disassemble it without tools on the spot to purge it of grease and grime.

The knife that meets at the crossroads of futuristic usability and an homage to tradition.

With the CRKT OD Green Bona Fide Flipper, you have a tactical knife that is seriously going to get the job done. It’s durable, it’s tough, and its reliable. There isn’t much more that you could as for from a tactical knife. Order yours today from BladeOps.