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New Butterfly Knives

Posted by admin on Aug 12th 2009

We just got into stock three new butterfly knives. One, the Blue Hobbit is the same as the original Hobbit, just with a blue handle. The other two are brand new to us.

The first brand new butterfly knife is the Silver Dragon balisong knife. This is a medium to heavy weight butterfly with dragons in bas-relief down the sides of each handle (on both sides of both handles). They look pretty good. Even better, this knife has good smooth action and seems to be an all around great balisong.

The second brand new butterfly knife is the Grim Reaper. This knife feels heavier than the Silver Dragon, and is actually .2 of an ounce heavier. The Silver is 6.2 and the Grim Reaper is 6.4 ounces. The handle on the GR has a wave pattern which makes for easy gripping during manipulation of the handles. I think of the three, this may be my favorite. I am not really good with the butterfly knife but I can get this one moving alright. Both this knife and the SD are pin construction–which means you can’t adjust the tightness of the screws. But I think they are very well set. That is how the Bear & Son’s butterfly knives are and they are fantastic. I would classify both of these two new butterfly knives in the same quality range as most of the Bear & Son’s knives-at least the BC113 and the BC114 series. I put a picture of the Grim Reaper butterfly up so you can see it.