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Microtech Tachyon III Knife Review

Microtech Tachyon III Knife Review

Posted by admin on Jun 16th 2017

For over 20 years, Microtech has been working to build a long standing tradition of innovation and quality with each knife that leaves their facility … Read More
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Benchmade 67 Bali-Song Review

Posted by admin on Jan 30th 2017

History of the Balisong The Benchmade history, and their Bali-Song knife, began in 1979 when Les de Asis wanted a knife that had the best quality to … Read More
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How Knives Open

Posted by admin on Nov 11th 2016

One of the ways that knives are often categorized as is how they open. There are six different ways that knives can open. These are automatic, out th … Read More
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Remington Butterfly KNife

Posted by admin on Aug 30th 2016

Butterfly/Balisong A balisong’s peculiarity lies within its two handles counter-rotating around the tang of the blade. When closed, the blade i … Read More
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Bayonet Point Butterfly

Posted by admin on Mar 28th 2013

Bayonet ButterflyThere are several butterfly knives in the sub $50.00 range that I really like.  If I am going with pin construction–my fa … Read More
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Great Starter Butterfly Knives

Posted by admin on Feb 14th 2013

Looking for a great starter butterfly knife?  Check out the Bear & Son line of butterfly knives.  The 114 series and the smaller 113 se … Read More
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Lots of New Butterfly Knives

Posted by admin on Jan 31st 2013

Black Hole Butterfly KnifeThe last few days we have received several new styles of butterfly knives.  There are five different styles and a coup … Read More