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Knife Review: Kershaw BlackWash Lucha Steel Buterrfly Knife

Knife Review: Kershaw BlackWash Lucha Steel Buterrfly Knife

Posted by SD on Mar 1st 2021

The Kershaw BlackWash Lucha Steel Buterrfly Knife

This butterfly is the ideal option for either new or experienced flippers. This is a newer version of the already great Lucha, this time around with BlackWash. This finish works to give the butterfly knife a well-worn look. The steel that the entire butterfly knife is made out of is 14C28N stainless steel. Better yet, the knife features a dual KVT ball-bearing pivots for extra-easy operation. This light, fast butterfly knife will jump, fly, and spin in your hands. Really, if you are in the market for a butterfly knife, this should be your next purchase—its high quality, well balanced and from Kershaw, it’s sure to be a hit. Read on to get the details about this great knife.

The Metal:

This is an all-metal knife, which means that while typically the blade is made out of metal and the handle a different material, it is all made out of the same metal. The blade simply extends into the handles, creating a seamless transition. The steel that this knife is made out of is 14C28N steel. This is a stainless steel that is made by Sandvik, which is a Swedish company. The steel is typically only used on knives, which shows that all of the advantages that you could seek in a knife steel, this steel is going to have. For starters, the steel has a really high chromium content, 

Kershaw BlacakWash Lucha

which means that it is going to have high corrosion resistance. In fact, Kershaw liked Sandvik’s previous steel, but wanted more corrosion resistance. Upon asking Sandvik for this increase, 14C28N steel was born. This means that one, Kershaw knows what they are doing with this steel. And two, the corrosion resistance is going to be really, really high. Butterfly knives are not typically go-to EDCs, or a knife that you are going to be using constantly. So, while it is nice that the blade is going to be as corrosion resistant as it is, it is not entirely necessary. However, it is extremely valuable that the handle, which is also made out of 14C28N steel is that corrosion resistant. Butterfly knives are more often used for entertainment purposes, and people have to really practice getting the hang of it. This means that this knife is going to spend a lot of time in your hands. Hands have oils, moisture, and other characteristics that could cause corrosion to occur, except for the fact that it is made out of such a corrosion resistant steel. This characteristic specially is a major advantage for the Lucha.

This steel also offers good edge retention, which is important on any knife blade. There is also good wear resistance capabilities in this steel, which once again is super valuable for the handle on this butterfly knife. This steel offers high levels of hardness and medium levels of toughness. Both of these are important for a butterfly knife, because as we previously mentioned, butterfly knives take a lot of practice to really get the mechanism down. This means that this knife might take a beating, fall a lot, or get banged up. The toughness and hardness are going to prevent this toll from really showing on this knife.

While butterfly knives are not typically a reached-for EDC, this blade can still hang. The steel has all of the characteristics and features that will allow the blade to shine, if you do choose to really use it commonly as a knife. Many of the characteristics of this steel also translate into being a rally great handle.

The Finish:

While the Lucha has previously existed in Kershaw’s catalog, this version of the Lucha is unique because it has the BlackWash finish. Kershaw explains their BlackWash finish by saying “Our BlackWash finish produces a vintage look like that of a well-used tool or favorite, broken-in pair of jeans.” So, from that, we know that the BlackWash finish looks exceptional. It offers a loved, rugged look. The BlackWash is definitely one of the most unique parts of the Lucha and does aesthetically set it apart from other butterfly knives.

What we still don’t know is what a BlackWash finish is or why it is such a great finish. Essentially, it is a stonewashed finish that has first undergone an acid treatment before stonewashing, which darkens the blade. A stonewashed blade is one that has been tumbled in a n abrasive material, which creates a textured, roughed-up look to it. The biggest advantage of a stonewashed finish on the Lucha is that stonewashed finishes are incredibly low-maintenance. This is because the actual finish of the knife looks to be a little bit more roughed up, or lived in, well-used. This means that if the blade or handle eon the Lucha does get a little bit scratched up, or dinged up, it’s not really going to show up. The finish on the metal works to hide these little imperfections that can accumulate over time. This is especially important on a butterfly knife, because a butterfly knife is going to be thrown around a lot, which as we previously mentioned, means that it might get dropped or banged up more than your other knives. The BlackWash is even an elevated version of the stonewashed finish, because the acid treatment works to enchance a blade’s rust resistance, making it even more corrosion resistant than it already was. The BlackWash is also darker, like the name implies, and gives the knife more of a charcoal coloring. This adds a touch of ruggedness, or roughness, to the knife which you would not get with any of the other finishes. The best part of all of it is simply how low maintenance it is going to be.

The Blade:

The blade has been designed in a clip point blade shape, which is one of the more common blade shapes that you are going to come across in the knife world. The clip point is similar to the drop point in that it offers you the ability to take on a wider variety of tasks. However, unlike the drop point, the clip point does offer the ability to pierce.

The blade shape is designed with a large, elongated belly. This belly gives you plenty of cutting surface, which allows you to easily slice. The spien of the knife is what really sets this blade shape apart. The spine at first extends straight, but then it angles down toward the tip. This potion is referred to as the clip, which is where the blade shape got its name from. This clip provides two different abilities to the blade. First, it creates a lowered point, which is going to give you more control. This allows you to perform fine detail work that you may not be able to perform even with a blade shape like the drop point. The second ability that it provides is that it creates a narrow, sharp point. This allows you to pierce incredibly well. The blade shape is great on the Lucha, because the clip point works into the aesthetic of this knife look dangerous, and semi-cold. The coloring, along with the actually physical design of the knife is a unique one.

The Handle:

The handle design is similar to many butterfly knives handles. There are two separate handles that can enclose the blade, which is what is going to happen when the knife is shut. When the knife is opened, the two handles come off of the blade and go straight down, creating one long knife. The two handles can be hooked together at their butts, which keeps them together and keeps them from flying apart. This is for safety, as well as for general usability. The handles have been skeletonized, which means that there are significant portions that have been cut out from them. This is done for two different reasons. The first is that it creates a uniform aesthetic. Like I earlier mentioned, the Lucha has a very cold aesthetic, it looks dangerous. When the knife is closed, you can see the blade through these cut-outs in the handle, which adds to that look. However, these cut-outs are not just for form, but also for function. They definitely work to reduce the weight of the knife, as an entire steel knife can get very heavy. And heavy is not something that you want in a knife that you are going to be chucking around. These cut-outs ensure that you can easily throw this knife around, or flip it, whether you are a beginner or an advanced flipper.

The Butterfly Mechanism:

The butterfly knife is one of the more unique designs that you can come across in the cutlery industry. Essentially, it is a type of folding pocketknife that has two handles that counterrotate around the tang, so that when the knife is closed, the blade is concealed inside of the two handles. While it does sport a regular blade and can be used for anything that a regular pocketknife can be used for, one of the unique aspects of a butterfly knife is the flipping that is often performed with them. This is an art style that is often used for different forms of entertainment.

Not only is this a butterfly knife, but it is an elevated butterfly knife. It actually features a dual KVT ball-bearing pivots for ultra-smooth flipping. The KVT ball-bearing system was designed specifically for butterfly knives, as it removes a lot of the bulk in ball-bearing systems. This allows weight to be reduced, which is an important aspect in a butterfly knife. It also allows for smoother deployment, which is crucial in a butterfly knife because you want to have smooth flipping, when you are performing with this knife.

The Advantages:

One of the biggest advantages about the Kershaw Lucha is simply the size and weight of this knife. This knife was designed with the feedback of flippers, who are people who use the butterfly knife as an art form. This means that Kershaw got the size and weight exceptionally well, which will make it easier for you if you are a beginner, or more familiar if you are an expert. Either way, you will be impressed with this knife. It weighs in at 5.9 ounces. The blade measures in at 4.6 inches long with a thickness of 0.156 inches. The handle measures in at 5.8 inches long with a thickness of 0.45 inches. The overall length when the knife is opened comes in at 10.25 inches long, which is a larger knife, but it adds to the flipping aspect when using this as entertainment.

The other major advantage that the Lucha features is the BlackWash finish, as butterfly knives do often take a beating. This finish will ensure that the beating is not as obvious as it would be with any other finish.

Final Thoughts:

The Kershaw Lucha butterfly knife features BlackWash finished stainless steel handles and a matching BlackWash finished clip point style blade. This next-level butterfly knife was designed in conjunction with feedback from real “flippers” and is the perfect size and weight for beginners and experts alike. Form the rounded bevel on the handle scales to the dual KVT ball-bearing pivots to the positive stop on the latch—this knife has it all at an incredible price. This light and fast butterfly knife will jumpy, fly, and spin in your hands.

Kershaw payed attention to the details, from the steel that this knife is designed out of to the finish that it boasts, to the actual physical design of the knife and handle, there isn’t much that isn’t to love when it comes to the Lucha. If you are in the market for a butterfly knife, this is a great option. Whether you are a beginner or an expert with using your butterfly knives, you are going to appreciate the attention to detail that went into the Lucha. Order yours today from BladeOps to understand the hype behind it.