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Spyderco Lightweight Manix 2 Knife Review

Posted by admin on Feb 6th 2013

Spyderco Lightweight Manix 2
Spyderco Lightweight Manix 2

My oldest brother does some extreme camping and hiking.  For him, a knife choice is always a trade off between weight and size.  The bigger the knife, the heavier.  The heavier the knife, the less of something else he can pack.  A few years ago, he  asked me for a good recommendation on a knife that was light enough to carry long distances but big enough to get things cut.  After checking out a few of my recommendations, he decided on the Spyderco Dragonfly.  A great choice for the vast majority of cuts you need to make when outdoors, but for big cutting jobs, the blade falls just a bit short.
A couple of days ago, the new Spyderco Lightweight Manix 2 showed up at our store.  This is a full sized folder that boasts a 3.37″ blade.  The leaf shaped flat ground blade makes it perfect for all kinds of cutting activities.  But here is the amazing part–the knife only weighs 3 ounces.  Built with CTS BD1 blade steel and an injection molded FRCP handle, the entire knife weighs just 3 ounces!  This is a game changer.  Now, for those of you who need a lightweight knife but want it big enough to tackle everything and more, the Spyderco Lightweight Manix 2 is ready and waiting.  Check it out on our website.