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Knife Review: Spyderco Kapara

Knife Review: Spyderco Kapara

Posted by SD on Jan 11th 2021

The Spyderco Kapara Folding KnifeSpyderco was founded in 1976 by Sal and Gail Glesser. Initially, the company focused on selling their first produc … Read More
Knife Review: Spyderco Efficient

Knife Review: Spyderco Efficient

Posted by SD on Jul 7th 2020

The Spyderco EfficientThis company was founded by Sal Glesser. The first product that Spyderco produced was called the Portable Hand in 1976. This … Read More
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Spyderco Knives: A Short History

Posted by DK on Aug 30th 2019

In the last two decades, few knife companies have had as much success as Spyderco. When people mention elite knife brands they are always right up the … Read More