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Replacement Springs--Boker Mini Kalashnikov Auto & Boker Strike Auto, 2-Pack

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We don't recommend you convert the knife yourself, but if you have an already converted knife and need a spring--this is the one you need. You only need one spring but we sell them in pairs just in case you break one.

Eligible Knives:

  • Boker Mini Kalashnikov Auto (73)
  • Boker Strike Auto


  • Boker strike

    Posted by richard kross on May 25th 2021


    I installed one of these springs in my strike. It appears to work a little better.

  • Böker springs

    Posted by Mike Vaughan on Sep 21st 2020


    As good as factory. Highly recommend. This company is spot on and other modern companies should aspire to treat customers as well. Thanks BladeOps. You guys rock!

  • Replacment Springs

    Posted by Joshuah Reheard on May 22nd 2020


    Perfect fit, promo shipping.

  • springs

    Posted by Ron Burkhardt on Apr 15th 2020


    Would be nice to have instructions on how to replace.