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Knife Review: CRKT Johnson Berserker Axe with Tennessee Hickory

Knife Review: CRKT Johnson Berserker Axe with Tennessee Hickory

Posted by SD on Feb 15th 2021

The CRKT Johnson Berserker Axe with Tennessee Hickory

The CRKT Johnson Berserker Axe is a Viking style axe that is designed as the ideal companion for big chopping jobs, fine slicing, and everything in between. However, it’s true shining qualities are that of being able to take on the biggest chopping jobs that you’ve got. It is designed by Ryan Johnson of RMJ tactical, which means that it is going to be built to withstand some serious force. The blade and handle are going to be made out of some of the most quality materials so that you don’t have to worry about your axe, you just have to worry about what you’re going to chop next. Better yet, the axe is designed with your next camping trip in mind. This means that you can take this axe and not have to worry about taking almost any other tool. In fact, this axe can act as your large cutting job tool, your kitchen tool, and even a hammer. Keep reading to find out why this axe is larger than life.

The Blade:

The blade on this axe is made out of 1055 carbon steel, which is an incredibly common steel for axes. Its premium qualities are that it has insane durability and toughness which allows this axe to last in rough settings. The steel’s composition also ensures that the steel can handle shock, which allows you to really get to work with this axe and not have to worry about it shattering or cracking. Further, the steel has la good amount of edge retention which is perfect of your next camping trip. You can take this axe with you and be confident that it is going to work the entire trip with minimum maintenance. The hardness level of this steel ensures that this axe is going to be both powerful and long-lasting. All in all, with the steel that this axe is made of this tool becomes an investment for your camping trips.

The blade on this axe has been finished with a black coating, which does a couple of things. First, it adds an aesthetic element; not only is this axe going to do everything that you need it to, but it is also going to look cool while you do it. The black is sleek, yet rugged. Of course, the black isn’t there only to improve the look of this axe—its also there to improve the quality of the blade. The first thing that this finish does is improve the corrosion resistance of the axe. This means that you won’t have to be concerned about the environment in which you are camping in. Whether it is humid or dry, the axe blade will be protected by this coating. The other quality that the coating adds is protection from discoloration. As good as the 1055 carbon steel is for an axe, it does discolor fairly easily. This black coating 

Berserker Axe

stops that from happening, which means that the axe can keep doing what it’s doing and keep looking good while it does it. These two qualities are especially important if you are choosing to use this axe for everything while on your camping trip. If you choose to chop up food with this, great, the coating allows this to happen without comprising the quality of the axe blade. If all you want to do is chop wood and other heavy-duty tasks, great, this coating allows that to happen without compromising the quality of the blade. The combination of the 1055 carbon steel with the black coating allows this axe to be the best out of all your buddies’ axes. Everyone with you will be jealous that this axe just keeps on giving.

The Johnson Berserker Axe sports a Viking style blade, which is what really stets this axe apart from the coemption. The blade has a long curve to it, which offers more cutting surface. This will make chopping wood a breeze, but it also means that if you choke up on the handle, you can even prepare food with this axe. Should we be calling this a multi-tool instead? The axe features a large beard, which is just the lower portion of the axe, or the “hook” part of the axe blade. This beard offers two major advantages. The first is that it allows the blade to be extended, which like earlier mentioned, is going to allow this axe to really do it all. The second advantage of the beard is that it has a “cut-out” portion of the blade, while keeping the sharpened portion large. This reduces the weight of the axe, which is going to make this an easier tool to work with for you. It also is going to allow you to choke up on the handle more tightly, giving you more control if you are choosing to use this sharp axe for fine slicing, such as cooking on your camping trip.

Finally, on the opposite side of the sharpened blade, there is a hammer. This is a small part of the metal that juts out that gives you another tool. This edge of the handle is still made out of the same blade metal, which means that it is going to be able to take shock while still maintaining its durability.

The blade length on this axe measures in at 4.65 inches long, which is plenty of length for you to get any job done. The blade has a thickness of 1.57 inches, which means that in no way is this blade going to feel fragile as you work with it.

All in all, this Viking style blade can’t be beat if you are on the market for a camping tool.

The Handle:

The blade isn’t the only thing on the Berserker that is high quality. The handle is also made to last. The handle on this axe is made out of Tennessee hickory, which is known for being a dense material that can withstand hard use. Hickory has a great combination of strength and flexibility, which are the ideal qualities for an axe handle. The strength means that this axe can absorb massive shocks without splitting or cracking. This is a crucial element for an axe, as you don’t want to be splitting wood and split your handle instead.

Some other benefits of having a hickory handle are that one, it is a sustainable resource. This means that you can enjoy your camping trip without feeling guilty about having a wood handle. This may even help you enjoy nature a little bit more. Second, hickory is an ergonomical handle material. This is a massive benefit for your large chopping jobs because it allows for more comfort and more stress reduction. This translates into your handle being more comfortable and you being able to work harder or longer without feeling the effects of it. One of the other benefits of hickory is that it has a straight grain, which is an aesthetic quality more than a utilitarian quality, but it does add to the look of the Berserker. The color of the wood is a medium, cool-toned brown. Also, hickory is a hefty material, which means that this axe is really going to feel the part. You are going to feel like this knife can do what it came to do. Weighing in at 2.07 pounds, this is not a flimsy axe. However, for the jobs that this axe can get done, you are going to want some weight behind it. Finally, hickory is a great option for keeping costs down. However, keeping costs down doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting as high of quality. In fact, with the CRKT Johnson Berserker Axe, you are getting more bang for your buck, because the hickory handle is going to offer a high-quality, tough material without sending the cost of this axe through the roof. These are just some of the many reasons why the CRKT Johnson Berserker should be your next purchase for all your camping-trip needs.

The overall length of this axe measures in at 19 inches, which is an ideal length. Nineteen inches isn’t going to feel out-of-control for your large chopping jobs. Plus, the ability to choke up on the blade means that it also isn’t going to be too large to get that fine slicing done either. The length and weight combine to make a great match—one that you can rely on for nearly any task when you are in the wild.

The Pros:

The CRKT Johnson Berserker has so many advantages. What really sets this axe apart is the blade—each and every part of the blade combine to make a true masterpiece than can really get the job done. The steel is tough enough to take on those hard jobs, but still can withstand force so that you don’t’ have to worry about this blade shattering or cracking when using it. Next, the black coating elevates the blade into a true tool that can get nearly any job done. The coating protects the blade, so that it keeps looking nice day in and day out. Plus, the coating sustains the quality 

Blade, CRKT Berserker

of the axe so that you know you can trust it when you need it most. The true star of the show is the Viking style blade though. The beard elongates the sharpened edge, allowing you to chop wood easily, or chop tomatoes easily. The beard also cuts down on weight, which is great, as it allows the hickory handle to not overpower the entire axe. The weight of this axe will feel solid in your hands without feeling like it is out-of-balance or just comically large. The Viking style blade also sports a hammer on the other side, which means that you can use this axe for practically anything.

The Tennessee Hickory handle is the perfect pairing for a great blade. The hickory provides the axe with heft, durability, and even more shock resistance. The quality that stands out the most though is how comfortable it will be to hold. You will be able to use this axe for longer than most, as the Tennessee Hickory fits ergonomically in your hands, relieving stress and providing you with an excellent grip. The straight grain and fantastic color of the handle are simply bonuses.

With the combination of the handle and the blade, it’s hard to go wrong with the CRKT Johnson Berserker Axe. If you are an avid camper, or trying to become one, this is a tool that you need with you. It’s comfortable, it’s useful, it’s anything but basic, and it’s a great price.

Final Thoughts:

Ryan Johnson designed this Viking style axe to be the perfect companion for a wide array of tasks, such as big chopping jobs, fine slicing, or pretty much anything and everything in between. The blade is a utilitarian style blade with a bearded edge that is designed to take a serious bite out of logs. But that’s not all it can do. When you choke up on the Tennessee hickory handle, the carbon steel blade is ready to slice up whatever you plan on having for dinner. Although this is a traditional Viking style axe, it is anything but basic. With the Berserker axe on your side, you don’t have to think that you are prepared, you can know that you are prepared. If you don’t already have a camping trip planned, you are going to want to plan one fast—and invite all of your friends, you’ll want to show this axe off. One of the great features of this knife is that while it is larger than life, the cost is not. This axe is super reasonable to purchase, especially with everything that it can do. And you’re in luck—BladeOps has it in stock right now. I suggest that if you want to make your next camping trip your best one yet, you should order this right now.